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Mission360 Pre-Training Movement Program

(You may need to press "forward" to get the list to play on your device)

Preparatory Movement Program

Dr. Stu Hui, Paradigm Performance Center


•World’s Greatest Stretch / Movement Sequence (2x)

Pillar Activation

• PUPP opposite arm/leg lift (5 seconds each side)


•Mini bands

  • Monster walk: 10 steps forward / backward (2x)

  • Lateral walk 10 steps lateral and back (2x)

  • Squats (10)

Movement / Change of Direction / Speed


  • Forward (5x)
  • Backward (5x)
  • Lateral (5x)

•Drop to athletic ready base (5x)

•Drop to single leg (5x each side)


  • 10 yd sprint 5x / 20 yd sprint 5x

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